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Times are changing for all health care providers and especially for behavioral health. The people we serve are increasingly expecting better and more accountable services. Challenges to good health and well-being now require help with a broad range of issues like education, employment, safe and affordable housing and easy access to primary care. Please refer to the Services area elsewhere on this website or use our Here for You search to discover exactly which services are available in your own community. We serve southeastern and central Ohio with a comprehensive array of behavioral health and other services, working with local partners to promote healthy people and strong communities. But all of our services come from a common approach and are intended to be:


Everything we do, from our service philosophy to business planning is based on cultivating collaborative relationships.

Community Minded

We work with partners from healthcare to social services and everything in between. All of our behavioral health and other services are intended to meet the everyday needs of people and communities to support health & wellness broadly defined.

Forward Thinking

We put change to work for the people and communities we serve. And during this time of unparalleled opportunity, as always, we seek durable partnerships to move through the change process as efficiently as possible and to maintain a very high level of quality for the people we serve. Current priorities include the integration of behavioral into primary care, development of safe and affordable housing and opening opportunities for education and employment.


For twenty years the word “Integrated” has appeared in our corporate name. It’s who we are. More than ever, all of our behavioral and other services are designed to be carefully blended within primary healthcare to operate in a more holistic way. We are even working with local partners to advance ambitious ideas about promoting community minded healthy neighborhoods.


We help to conserve local healthcare and other community resources so they can fit more efficiently within emerging regional and national systems of care.

Person Centered

We provide a full array of clinical behavioral health services at the very highest level of informed, contemporary practice. But we have always placed a special emphasis on home based services in a way that has taught us important lessons about relationship based care. Working as allies, we find ourselves in a better position to help people and families to help themselves to be well.