Community Enterprises fully embraces that housing is healthcare. Community Enterprises developments affordable housing units for individuals and families and seniors, as well as provides permanent supporting housing using the housing-first model. Often partnering with Fairfield Homes, Inc., out of Lancaster to own, construct and/or operate these units, Community Enterprises is able to bring the greatest impact to communities through a unique nonprofit/for-profit partnership. Community Enterprises is currently focusing on developments in Athens, Franklin, Gallia, Ross and Vinton counties with additional projects to come.

Examples of our work include:

Charles Place

This 7-unit, mixed use development was completed in January 2017. Located on Charles Street in Athens, Charles Place will provide one and two bedroom energy efficient units over a patient centered medical home called Integrated Healthcare Associates.

Graham Drive Family Housing

This 4-unit building was completed in 2011. Located across from Integrated’s home office, it provides two- and three-bedroom, permanent supportive housing units and supportive services. This project was Integrated’s first housing development.

Beasley Mill and Sheltering Arms

These two historic buildings, comprised of 62 affordable apartments, will soon receive a $10MM investment to ensure the long-term viability of the building as affordable housing. This project is scheduled to be completed in late 2018.