Community Enterprises also develops commercial facilities throughout the 12 counties in which Integrated Services for Behavioral Health, Inc. operates. Community Enterprises often collaborates with Fairfield Homes on these projects as well – through ownership, construction, and/or property management. These facilities are built to display investment in the community and investment in the individual. Along with its parent company, Community Enterprises believes in “Healthy People, Strong Communities.” We want to tell clients and community stakeholders alike through beautiful facilities that all people, regardless of socioeconomic status and position in life, are valuable and resilient. To that end, we are undertaking:

Mary Hill Center of Nelsonville

This 1950s hospital, currently owned and operated by Ohio Health, will soon be donated to Integrated Services to preserve and re-purpose the beautiful building in Nelsonville for a variety of community needs. The building will undergo approximately $2.5MM in renovations and energy-efficiency upgrades as it converted in the mixed-use community facility. Mary Hill will house primary care through Hopewell Health Centers, a dentistry clinic through a partnership of Hopewell and the Ohio State University, the corporate office and behavioral health facilities of Integrated Services for Behavioral Health, and other nonprofit uses to be made public at a later date. This project will not only preserve a beautiful building, but will bring expanded and much-needed services to the Nelsonville community.